7 Essential Shower Design Tips for Your Ideal Bathroom


7 Essential Shower Design Tips for Your Ideal Bathroom
7 Essential Shower Design Tips for Your Ideal Bathroom

A bathroom remodeling project is one of the most common project that a homeowner will do to help add value to their home. There are several reasons why we remodel and upgrade our bathroom and change shower design. One reason is that we are a constant changing society and we always want to keep up with the latest and most modern options that are continually being offered to us. Another reason why we remodel our bathrooms is the changing situations that our lives are accustomed and exposed to. One of the biggest remodeling decisions we will have to make is to come up with a shower design that will provide us an elegant addition to our baths as well as proving the services we will need from our showers. There are some very important aspects we need to consider when we develop our new shower design. Here are a few tips that will help you to design the shower that will provide you with the needs that you have.

1. What Angles to Use in a New Shower Design?

The most common angles that are used is 90, 135, and 180 degrees. Most of the shower hardware available is designed to accommodate these angles.

2. Shower Door Support

Be sure that you have adequate support top mount the shower doors hinges and provide a stable support for the type of door you choose.

 3. Shower Curb

Most of the times it is a good idea to install a shower curb. This will keep you shower water confined to the shower area. If you install a curb be sure to angle the curb top back to the shower to keep the water in the shower. If you want you shower to be handicap accessible you will need to leave the curb out.

4. Shower Seat

Consider the location of your shower seat and make sure that it is also installed with just enough of a slope to keep water from puddling up on your seat.

5. Glass Door Panel Width

Keep in mind that a glass shower door will need a 4 ½” panel to mount the shower door and hardware too. The minimum width of the shower door should be at least 22” while the maximum should be 36” wide.

6. Shower Location

To minimize the possibility of leaks in your shower you will need position your shower heads towards tiled walls or fixed panels. This will eliminate any water from entering behind your shower walls or through the doors.

7. Shower Doors Swing Direction

Building code requirements require all hinged shower doors be hinged to open to the outside.

These are a few considerations that should be given a lot of thought when designing your new shower. Feel free to consult your local contractor, SkyWindowsNJ.com. Each one of these considerations should be studied while you are designing your shower to prevent any problems that may arise after construction. By following these few guidelines you will be sure to get a shower design that will be up to code and can be used safely for years to come.


Triple Pane Windows – Pros and Cons Considerations


Triple Pane Windows - Pros and Cons Considerations
Triple Pane Windows – Pros and Cons Considerations

One of the most common insulated windows that is being used today is the double insulated window. Just about very modern home you come in contact with will have energy saving double pane windows. In recent years the development of the triple pane window has provided us with another option when it comes to cutting energy cost and saving money. Triple pane windows consist of three panes of glass sandwiched together instead of only two. In the 1980’s triple pane windows began to show up in homes that were being constructed with energy conservation in mind. Triple pane windows are becoming more in demand in the construction of even more energy efficient home. There are some great advantages for using triple pane glass windows as well as a few disadvantages. We will take a look at these advantages as well as a few disadvantages.

Triple Pane Windows – Reduction of Condensation

Two of the biggest advantages that you will receive from triple pane windows is the reduction of condensation and lowering heating and cooling cost. If you have ever noticed on a cold day outside whenever you heat the inside up on some of the double pane windows you will have condensation develop on your panes. The same happens during the summer when it is hot outside and cooler inside. With triple pane windows condensation is all but eliminated. It is harder for radiant heat to penetrate the three layers of glass.

Lowering Heating and Cooling Cost

Heating and cooling cost will be lowered. Triple pane glass can be expensive but the money you save on heating and cooling cost will be worth the investment. Heat and cooling loss from convection is also kept to a minimum. Some of the top of the line triple glass pane windows are filled with an argon gas that will also add to the insulating qualities of windows of this type.

Window Weight

There are however just a few drawbacks of using triple pane windows. One of the main disadvantages is the weight of the window. Having three window panes in a frame could make it more difficult to operate the window. Extra ballast may need to be added to ease the operation while the window is lifted open.

Thickness of the Window Sash

Having three panes of glass could also add to the thickness of the window sash. The more building materials that is used the more expensive a project will become. The visible light that travels through the window will also be cut down. You will not feel as much radiant heat from the natural lighting in the winter.

Contact Local Contractor

Many window manufacturers are offering triple pane windows. There will also be more contractors that are willing to install and become familiar with these windows as demand begins to grow again. If you are constructing a new home or a new storefront, or looking for replacement windows,  it would be to your great advantage to talk to a glass contactor in your area, SkyWindowsNJ.com, and see the many advantages as well as window types they will be able to accommodate you with.

Common Glass Choices for Storefront Glass


Common Glass Choices for Storefront Glass
Common Glass Choices for Storefront Glass

If you are considering building a new storefront or replacing the storefront glass in your old frame there are several choices available to you when it comes to the type of glass you can use. Unlike the days in the past where your only option was to choose clear glass as a storefront glass there are ways to add appeal to your business while saving energy and cutting cost at the same time. To help you make the decision of which glass is better for your storefront we will take a short look at what type of storefront glass is there for your choice.

Storefront Glass – Clear Glass

This is the most common glass that has been used in the past. If you have a storefront that is used to display a lot of your items and is constantly changing and decorating with seasonal displays clear storefront glass is probably the route you need to go. Clear storefront glass is also available from ¼” to ½” thicknesses.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is glass that has a tinted film to help to filter the sunlight to help your inside area remain cooler and also a little darker because of the tint. Tinted glass can also be used for privacy and security. There are several different colors available for your choice of tinted applications.

Stained Glass

Most of the time when we think of stained glass the first thing that comes to our minds is a church building. Bars and restaurants are known to use stained glass in their windows and storefront  applications. Stained glass is available in just about any color you can imagine. If you want to add a personal touch that will stand out and draw attention to your business stained glass is the way to go.

Security Glass

This type of glass is becoming a very popular choice for storefront applications. Many pawn shops use this type of glass because if the resistance to shattering. This glass is laminated together with an interior film that will hold the glass together when busted and will prevent any type of entry through a busted window. When these windows are busted they will have a spider web effect instead of shattering in many small pieces.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is another type of safety glass that is used in storefront design today. It is treated with a chemical and thermal application that helps to increase the strength of the glass. This glass will break into chunks and not into larger pieces that could become dangerous. This is the type of glass that is most commonly used in automobile applications.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is much like tented glass but it will give you a more private feel. If you have the need for light such as in office buildings you will get filtered light that will give you a natural light feel while having the privacy you will need.

As you can see there are several different glass options for you to choose from to obtain a unique and personal touch for your business, if you consult your local contractor, SkyWindowsNJ.com. They also provide, window replacement brooklyn, storefront glass installation brooklyn.


Sky Windows NJ: Choosing a Shower Head Fixture


Sky Windows NJ: Choosing a Shower Head Fixture
Sky Windows NJ: Choosing a Shower Head Fixture

In the bathroom industry of today one of the biggest decisions we have to make is the type of shower head we need in our new showers. There are so many fixtures to choose from that this could be a daunting task for anyone. Making this choice sometimes includes a personal preference but we also need to consider functionality also. Shower fixtures cost a lot of money and we want to make the right decision when it comes to a long lasting and useful option. Shower heads are found in five different types. Many have adjustable options when it comes to spray pattern and water intensity.

Single-Head Spray Shower Heads

This is the most common option you have. Most of the times this type of nozzle can be adjusted to help with the water flow. They can also be adjusted up and down to accommodate the height of any person. Some of these single shower heads can also be adjusted to change the water pattern from a wider spray to a more concentrated flow. This shower head is also available in different finishes.

Rain Showers

This is a more modern approach to choosing a shower head. These are large, flat heads that are suspended directly above the head of the user and will spray straight down. A rain shower head can be chosen from many different water patterns.

Dual and Multiple Shower Heads

In this type of shower head more than one shower head is controlled by a single lever or handle. The most common configuration is having a shower head located as a wall mount along with a handheld fixture. In some cases you can use both at the same time or use a lever to choose which head you will use.

Hand-Held Shower Heads

This type of fixture is made with a single shower head that is attached to a flexible hose. This is a great option for washing hair and reaching hard to get to regions. These are especially a good choice for individuals with a limited mobility. This is a good choice for individuals that need to be sitting while showering.

Body Sprays

This is probably the most expensive shower fixture you can choose. They are multiple shower heads that are built into the shower wall at different heights. The heads are compact, flat and are sometimes flush with the shower walls. The options are limitless when you choose the location of these heads. The only drawback is the more heads you use the more expensive your project will become.

These are the most common types of shower heads you have to choose from. Each one of these heads are also available in many different finishes that will only add to the elegance of your bathroom enhancement. Be sure to visit your local home center and consult with your local contractor, SkyWindowsNJ.com, to see the many different combinations you have to choose from. SkyWindowsNj.com also provide, glass shower doors installation, walk in shower. Careful planning will always help your bathroom remodeling and upgrade to be a complete success.


Window Installation NJ: 3 Things to Make the Right Decision


Window Installation NJ: 3 Things to Make the Right Decision
Window Installation NJ: 3 Things to Make the Right Decision

Windows have become a very important part of any type of construction project from residential to commercial. No matter if you are undergoing a new construction project are if you are remodeling or upgrading a home or building the window installation nj choices you make will make the difference is saving energy and cutting energy cost. There are several things that need to be considered when you make your window installation decision. In the next few paragraphs we will take a look at some of most important aspects when it comes to windows. Window replacement, upgrade as well as new window installation nj can be costly and the only way to make sure you receive a return on your investment is to make the right window installation decisions.

Window Installation NJ: Windows Types

Windows come in a huge variety of types and styles. The most common window is a window that will open up and down vertically. I am sure that most of us are familiar with this type of window. Some of the vertical windows can be tilted in towards the inside to aid in cleaning the windows. Horizontal sliding windows are also available for you to use in certain design situations. There are bay windows and casement windows that will serve a special purpose as well. Bay window options are very popular when they are used as a sitting area. Some smaller bay windows are also used for plant windows as well. There are many types of windows that are available to you for just about any type of window installation need you may come across during your construction project. Check with your local window installation nj contractor, SkyWindowsNJ.com, if you have a special need for any type of window.

Window Materials: Wood, Aluminium, Vinyl

There have been many improvements made when it comes to deciding what materials to use for our window projects. In the older time the only windows that were available to us was wooden windows. Wooden windows always needed to be maintained to keep them in working order. The panes in these windows were single pane glass that were broken and needed to be replaced quite often. It took proper window installation techniques so these windows were repaired the right way. Today’s windows are more expensive but they are made of materials that will last a long time. One of the most common materials used today is aluminium. It is a light weight and low maintenance material that will not require the regular upkeep that a wooden window will need. Another very popular material for windows today is vinyl. These windows are the best when it comes to long lasting windows. Vinyl will withstand the elements very well and is available to you in some popular color choices.

Window Sizes: From Standard to Custom-Made

Most of the windows that are available to you today are available in many standard and common sizes. You will need to check with your local window provider so he can tell you the rough opening size of the many common sizes of windows. Windows can also be constructed and retrofitted for any type of custom window need you may have. Check with your local window installation nj contactor, SkyWindowsNJ.com to see if they can make a custom fit window for your need.

Glass Canopy NJ: What Benefits It Can Provide


Glass Canopy NJ: What Benefits It Can Provide
Glass Canopy NJ: What Benefits It Can Provide

We all know what kind of advantages that a canopy can provide for all of us. The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of a canopy is shelter. All of us has at one time or the other pulled up to the curb while it was pouring rain and stepped out onto the curb under the canopy to help us from getting soaking wet. We have all strolled down the sidewalk on a hot summer day to find refuge from the heat under some of the existing canopies we come across. Most of the canopies we are used to seeing are made from lightweight materials such as aluminium and covered with various colors of fabric or canvas. Today a huge step has been taken when it comes to the construction of canopies. Glass canopy nj provides a long lasting and low maintenance option in architecture and will provide you with many options that a traditional fabric canopy will not provide.

Special Appearance

One of the first things we see when we began to enter a fancy restaurant or a luxury hotel is the awesome looking canopy we see. Most of the time this is a glass canopy nj. With the development of acrylic and safety glasses of today many different shapes can be obtained. This great advance in glass has given us some great looking architecture that not only looks great but will last forever.

Longevity of Glass Canopy NJ

One thing that we all know is that nothing will last forever. Canopy construction is expensive regardless of type of canopy we use and what material our canopy is made of. When you pay out that kind of money you want a great return in your investment. That is one great option that a glass canopy nj will provide for you. A glass canopy nj will not turn brittle and become torn like a fabric canopy will. Glass will last you a lifetime especially the acrylic glass that most glass canopies are made up of today. Some glass canopies can be constructed in a way that you will not have to use the metal framing to support the glass canopy nj that you will need to use in a traditional canopy construction. The less framing material, the less chance of maintenance.

Architectural Design Options

With the development of acrylic glass there have been many different bridges crossed when it comes to architecture design using glass. With this new development architectures can add a special unique touch when designing buildings today. Glass canopy nj can be found in many different shapes such as domes, waves, valleys, as well as flat. Acrylic glass is also lighter that traditional glass so the acrylic panels can be constructed thicker allowing to span larger areas and allowing for more intricate designs.

Contact Your Local Contractor

If you are considering to add a glass canopy nj to the front of your business check with your local contractor, SkyWindowsNJ.com, to see the many options that they have available. A glass canopy will give you years of service as well as getting what you pay for.

What Are the Advantages of Installing a Storm Door?


What Are the Advantages of Installing a Storm Door?
What Are the Advantages of Installing a Storm Door?

When we look at storm doors the first thing we would ask ourselves is “What is i and how will it work to my advantage?” A storm door is a door that is installed inside the frame of your existing doors that will provide you with a number of advantage that will make the investment of a storm door worth the time and expense of having one installed. In this article we will take a look to see if installing a storm door is an investment that you will want to make for yourself. A storm door will provide some great advantages.

Weather and Storm Protection

We all have completed remodeling projects as well as new construction projects only to add that special front doors that appealed to us for that special curb appeal. In many cases we have chosen expensive wooden doors such as oak and mahogany doors as well as doors made from other exotic woods. These doors at times have intricate carvings and designs that we want to cherish for years to come. The trouble with wooden doors is when they are exposed to the elements they will expand and contract causing the joints of the wooden doors to work loose requiring repair. Installing a storm door will help avoid this type of damage. Protecting your wooden doors frame the damp conditions is very important. Another popular choice for front entrance doors are doors that contain expensive glass inserts that at times include intricate stained glass inserts as well as other type of expensive glasses. The protection that a storm door will provide these types of glass investments is a great advantage. It will be much easier as well as cheaper to replace a broken storm door verses replacing an expensive glass door.

Storm Door Provides Extra Insulation

By storm door installation over your existing door you will be doubling the insulation properties of your entrance way regardless of where you doors is located. Storm doors are available with insulated glass inserts that will provide the extra insulation saving you money. There will also be an insulating air pocket between your storm door and your existing doors that will also help add to your insulating advantage. This extra insulating advantage will help keep you house cooler in summer and help cut heating cost in the winter. In the winter if you have a storm door installed you can open up the interior door to let natural light in while the storm door will still keep the cold air out. Natural lighting is a great thing to experience in the long winter months.

Appearance – Wide Range of Designs

Storm doors are also made from many types of materials such as vinyl and aluminum that will provide you with years of maintenance free performance. These doors can be purchased in several different colors as well with many different intricate designs for that special curb appeal for your home or business. Storm doors will add a great look while still providing many other advantages.

Order Your Custom Storm Door

Storm doors can also be custom made to fit any size opening that you may have in your remodeling or new construction projects. Take a look at what your local storm door contractor, SkyWindowsNJ.com, can offer you today.


Custom Windows – a Solution for Non-Standard Openings


Custom Windows - a Solution for Non-Standard Openings
Custom Windows – a Solution for Non-Standard Openings

There is a service that is provided by a lot of local companies in the areas we live that can provide us with different types of windows and doors. These companies can fill almost any need that we have when we do get into different situations that require custom windows or doors. During remodeling as well as new construction we often will come across times when we will need to have a window or door made to a specific size.

Custom Windows in Restoration Projects

Some construction projects include the preservation of older homes and buildings to keep our culture and history alive. It is times like these when we can call someone to customize and retrofit the items we need in these very important restoration projects. Retrofit doors and custom windows have benefits we can take advantage of that will help us with any construction problem as well as helping us to save money.

Custom Fit Windows for Non-Standard Sizes

During the many types of construction we do we run across openings that are not a normal and standard size. In a lot of newer construction we would make our rough opening the size we need to accommodate standard window sizes that can be ordered ahead of time from the various factories. This is not always the case. There are situations where a window or door will need to be located in a certain spot that may call for a special size that is not standard. This is where a custom window or doors can be made to fit the needs we have. If you are restoring an older home and need to replace the windows you will find that all of the windows are not the same size as well as the rough openings do not allow for standard window. This is where custom windows will save you a lot of construction headaches as well as time and money.

Energy Efficient Custom Windows and Doors

Not only can custom windows be made from any material you desire such as vinyl, aluminum, and wood they can be fit with energy efficient double insulated window panels that will help your project become more energy efficient saving you money. Custom windows and doors installations will also be performed with airtight materials as well as techniques such as caulking and chinking that we give you an airtight as well as watertight seal that will help you to cut energy cost. The replacement windows can also be constructed to match any type of construction to keep your project as close to the original without sacrificing the typical theme you are working with.

Seek Professional Advice

If you want to save money and cut energy cost in a home or residence you are living in now or if you are remodeling an older home, be sure to check with your local window contractor, SkyWindowsNJ.com. They are sure to have any type of custom windows you will need for any type of project you are doing.

Glass Shower Doors: Plan Your Shower with Style


Glass Shower Doors: Plan Your Shower with Style
Glass Shower Doors: Plan Your Shower with Style

A lot of times when you are ready to upgrade your bathroom one of the most common items you concentrate on is upgrading your shower enclosure with glass shower doors.

Renovating Your Bathroom

You have upgraded everything in your bath and now it is the time you make a decision on your shower door. After spending a lot of time, effort, and money on remodeling your bath and upgrading your bath you want to make sure that the glass shower doors you choose will be ones that will add to and compliment the rest of the project you just finished. This article will help you to look at and see what type of options are available to you when you decide to choose your glass shower doors.

Glass Shower Doors – Enclosure Options

The type of enclosure you decide determines on the type and size of shower you have. There are three common type of enclosures to choose from. You can install glass shower doors on any size of enclosure you have. Frameless enclosures achieve an open look by combining heavy ⅜-inch to ½-inch thick glass with special low-profile hardware. Handles are installed into the glass to emphasize the minimal look. The glass can be cut and beveled to any size. Designed with 1/4-inch clear glass or 3/16-inch pattern glass a semi-frameless style combines frameless and framed options. The main support points like the door hinge or adjoining glass panels can be framed while leaving door edges frameless. Fully-framed enclosures for your glass shower door are made with thinner and lighter 3/16-inch glass supported on all sides with structural framing. The hinges and hardware are attached. The handle is generally a small fixture mounted to one edge of the metal frame.

Glass Types for Your Choice

As you have seen the thickness of the glass depends on the type of shower enclosure you choose as well as the type of shower you have. There are several options you can choose when it comes to the type of glass. Clear glass in a common choice but a lot of the glass shower enclosures can include the choice of a color tinted glass. One of the most popular choices is using an obscured glass that will provide you with a more private feel. Some of the obscured glass choices include certain patterns. These patterns will add to the design technique you use in your modification projects. Some of your more expensive glass will come with an option to stay clear until you turn your shower on and the temperature change the water creates will make your glass shower doors foggy.

Finishing the Project with Right Hardware

There are a ton of options available to you when it comes to choosing hinges, handles, and soap and towel holders. Colors such as bronze, gold, and chrome are some of the most popular choices. The hardware you choose needs to compliment the work you have already created so the decision you make can be a very important one.

No matter which option you choose you can talk to your local contractor, SkyWindowsNJ.com, to help you decide before you get started on this great project.


Glass Wall Partitions: Smart Design Solution for Your Office


Glass Wall Partitions: Smart Design Solution for Your Office
Glass Wall Partitions: Smart Design Solution for Your Office

Glass wall partitions is a great way to design and close in large areas creating the smaller rooms needed for conferences and many other types of rooms that a larger area can accommodate. Frameless or framed glass walls are very elegant and will give you the privacy needed to turn these framed glass partitions into the office space. You will also save time and you will be able to remove and add more partitions as needed without the construction hassle you have from conventional wall construction. There are several different types of glass partitions for you to choose and take advantage of to fit whatever need you may have in partition construction.

Single Glazed Wall Systems

Single Glazed Wall Systems provide a simple way to approach dividing interior commercial spaces. Its frameless panels and 1″ channeling produce a sleek visual design.

Acoustic Glass Wall Systems

Double Glazed Wall Systems provide an exceptional amount of privacy capabilities by offering outstanding acoustic value and electric operated blinds. These panels are sound proof and are great for office and conference room applications.

Free Standing Glass Walls

Freestanding Glass Wall Systems can be setup independently of adjacent walls or ceilings. Standing on its own, freestanding partitions allow for a highly-customizable design. These designs can be changed from time to time for your changing needs.

Smart Film Privacy Glass Walls

Using the latest in switchable glass technologies, smart film technology, privacy glass wall creates the possibility of going from transparent to zero visibility at the flick of a switch. This is also great choice to add elegance to any office or conference setting.

Movable Glass Walls

Movable Glass Wall Partitions are perfect when organizing a room with operable capabilities. These operable systems make dividing as well as opening up a space achievable. This is a great option if you need wide open spaces at times and closed in spaces when you need it.

Variety of Choices

As you can see there are many different options available that will fit any need you have to separate and create the spaces you need. At times you may need to change up the way you have your office spaces and conference rooms laid out. There is no better option than to use framed glass partitions to help you meet your ever changing needs. These are also great options if you have a rental building and in some occasion you can change your layouts to accommodate more than one customer at the time. We all know that whatever business we are involved in we are always have ever changing needs that will need to be accommodated.

Seek Professional Advice

Glass wall partitions will be a great choice no matter which type you decide to use. Take a look around at other buildings to see if they are taking advantage of the really convenient options that glass walls have to offer. Be sure to check with your local contractor, SkyWindowsNJ.com, to see what type of option will fit you best. SkyWindowsNJ.com also provide, storefont glass installation brooklyn, sliding glass walls nj.