Aluminum Glass Railing Systems | Glass Railing Designs

Aluminum Glass Railing Systems | Glass Railing Designs
Aluminum Glass Railing Systems | Glass Railing Designs

Aluminum is one of the most widely used materials in all types of industries from building airplanes to simple soda cans. The amazing strength it provides and the fact that it is so light makes it a favorite construction material. In a typical home you are bound to find many aluminum based items including aluminum glass railing. If you have any type of outdoor area on your property you may already have these railings installed. They are often found around a veranda or a deck. Their purpose is often two-fold as they not only provide safety, but they can be made to match any structure’s exterior. These railings can also be made in almost any pattern you desire.

Aluminum Glass Railing Coating Techniques

This is often done through the use of a unique painting techniques which can coat the aluminum and give it any texture and color you choose. Coating of the aluminum glass railing can be done by a few other materials as well such as PVC  which will increase the life and strengthen them at the same time. Another form of strengthening them is to anodize its surface which provides additional protection from corrosion. Due to the fact that there are so many ways in which you can camouflage the way aluminum glass railing looks you can adapt them to any décor and have the advantage of the great material at the same time.

Aluminum Railings next to the Steps

Another outdoor area where they are often called into use is a set of steps. Many homes are built above ground level and to enter the front or back door concrete or wooden steps are built. Aluminum railings next to the steps works as a balancing device for those who need help climbing stairs such as the elderly or small children. In this instance the aluminum railings are often painted the same color as the trim of the home. This helps to blend the entire exterior appeal together.

Caring for the Railings

Caring for the railings isn’t difficult at all. Most are coated with a substance that protects them against the forces of nature. If you live in an area where you experience both the heated summer and the sharp bite of winter you’ll want to make certain that your aluminum glass railings are weather resistant. Over time the sun can have a wearing effect on the appearance. If this does happen you need only refinish the aluminum glass railing as the structure of them will most likely still be fully intact. Refinishing can be done with a paint that is made for aluminum. Inquire at the hardware or paint store as to the best way to remove the old finish.

They are built to last for many years and with proper care and maintenance there is absolutely no reason why this won’t be the case. A quick cleaning and a new paint job every few years will keep your aluminum glass railing looking brand new. Be sure to check with your local contractor,, to see all the options that are available to you to make your rails the envy of your neighborhood. also provides, glass, metal railings installation, aluminum windows.



Walk in Shower Conversion: Why It’s Better Than a Tub

Walk in Shower Conversion: Why It’s Better Than a Tub
Walk in Shower Conversion: Why It’s Better Than a Tub

A bathtub to a walk in shower conversion can be easier than you might think. There is a number of reasons why we decide to upgrade our bathrooms. One of the most popular upgrades in bathroom remodeling is a tub to a walk in shower conversion. Our life needs change as we get older. We may also have a family member that can no longer sit in a tub or may also be in a wheel chair and a walk in shower has become a necessity for us. Before you consider removing the existing tub you have you can save money by tub to shower conversion. You may be surprised at the many options you will have available to you. You may also be surprised at the advantage that a tub conversion can provide for you.

Walk in Shower – Safety Aspect

This is one of the most important advantages that a walk in shower will provide for you. You will eliminate stepping into a high tub and the danger of slipping as your enter the tub. Wet surfaces and floors are one of the main safety hazards we have in the bathroom. With a walk in shower the water is confined to one area to help eliminate the wet spots. There is also a variety of other safety options such as seats and handrails that can be added to your walk in.

Walk in Shower Is More Spacious

Your walk in shower will provide you with more freedom to be able to move around in your shower and not feel as though you are in a smaller confined area. You will also have the extra room to add other features, like the extra shower head, storage for soap and other cleaning essentials.

Cleanliness in Your Shower Area

With the extra room you will also be able to keep your shower area cleaner and you will not have to clean the hard to reach spots that a tub will have. With a more open area you will also not have the moisture that will get into tiny corners and remain that could create mold and other unhealthy situations. With the larger area your shower will dry out and remain much cleaner.

Walk in Shower Conversion Options

There is a number of options available to you for a walk in shower conversion. A lot of considerations need to be looked at when you decide on the options available. You can set your shower up for any type of physical situation you may need. There are many different types of seats and hand railings that are available to you in just about any finish imaginable. Another great thing about the shower options is the amount of shower heads and faucets that are available for you to choose from. There are shower heads that can be placed in any location in you shower that will accommodate for almost any physical situation that you may have.

Before you get rid of the tub you have or before you destroy your existing bathroom, be sure to do your research and check with a contactor in your area,, that will show you how you will benefit from a walk in shower conversion. also provide, custom shower doors installation, glass shower doors design, installation.


Revamp Your Home or Business with the Right Curb Appeal

Revamp Your Home or Business with the Right Curb Appeal
Revamp Your Home or Business with the Right Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a very important factor at home or in your business. You want to make the best impression you can to the public. We know that a great curb appeal at home will let people know how proud you are of your home. Curb appeal for your business is even more important because you want to make the best impression you can to attract customers. The more customers you attract the more successful your business will be. There are several different options that you can choose from when you are wanting to obtain the best curb appeal you can to attract the most customers.

Entrance Ways

There are several types of storefront doors you can consider for the entrance ways to your business. You know that most of the entrance ways are operated by detection eyes that will open the door automatically. There are several different styles for you to choose from for your door choice. You have the glass door type that will have a frame that includes a full length glass. Another option that is very popular is a half frame that includes a half glass option. In any one of these choices you also have the option to add a logo to the door by etching the glass or attaching decals.


This is a great choice because you want to provide protection from the harsh elements such as sunshine and rain. A canopy will proved shelter under all types of weather conditions. There are glass canopy options that look great and will last you forever. Another great canopy option is a lightweight frame that is covered with a canopy material. Either of these options you choose can be customized to your choice of color as well as adding custom designed company logos.

Storefront Displays

We have all heard the term window shopping. At some time in our lives you will remember the time that you stepped up to a window display to admire a great storefront display. The storefront design is probably the most important option you have to choose from when it comes to attracting customers. A well decorated storefront will draw in customers from everywhere. Be sure to consider this option when you are designing your storefront and choosing your storefront glass. This is where you can display most of the best offers from your business.

Discuss Your Curb Appeal Options with Our Specialists

If you are looking to add to your storefront to improve your curb appeal these are some great options to consider. Take the time to plan and design what you are looking for. After you have the ideas you need it is time to talk to your local contractor so he can show you the many options you have to choose from. Consult your contractor,, to share your curb appeal ideas and they will be glad to put together a plan that will soon have your business growing in no time at all. After all what made you make up your mind and determine where you do your shopping and browsing!

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Glass Shower Enclosure

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Glass Shower Enclosure
3 Reasons Why You Should Use Glass Shower Enclosure

The development of glass and the way glass is used has changed a great deal in recent years. Glass techniques have offered many new ways that we can add to the beauty of any project we want to design. One of the biggest advances that have been made is the way the use of glass has led to an increase in glass shower enclosures. Glass shower enclosure is used for several different reasons. We will take the time to look at several reasons why using glass shower enclosure is the best fit for your new bathroom project or upgrade.

Glass Shower Enclosure Fits Any Area

One of the biggest reasons why glass is a great choice is glass can be adapted to just about any size to fit any area. In some cases where a tub enclosure is used you will need to have the specific room available so the tub and shower enclosure can be installed. You can install a custom glass shower enclosure just about anywhere at any size. You can have a shower made to fit a specific corner or existing wall enclosure. Another great option with glass is you can also construct a stand-alone shower stall that does not need any support from the surrounding walls. Installing the glass shower in a corner or as a stand-alone will create other spaces in your bathroom that can be used for other purposes and saving you space.

Elegant Look

Another great reason to use glass shower enclosures is the look of elegance that you will receive from glass. Paired together with some of today’s great shower heads and faucet features you can create a one of a kind place that is yours but also stands out from the rest. Not only will the new shower heads look great they are made up of some great water saver features that will help cut energy cost and save you money not to mention the great functionality of each piece. There are some outstanding looking water fixtures that will give your glass shower enclosure that one of a kind look.

The Variety of Hardware Options

The hardware options for glass shower enclosure are outstanding and can add a lot to the beautiful look of your glass shower enclosure. You can add fixture such as soap and shampoo dispensers to towel racks to also add to functionality of your shower. By pairing your glass shower door hardware to match the towel racks and other items you will receive an outstanding look. Shower hardware comes in many different colors and finishes that are designed to enhance the look of your shower enclosure.

Discuss Your Options with Our Professionals

These are just a few reasons why you should choose a glass shower enclosure. No matter the type of construction you want to accomplish glass showers will fill your needs in new construction or bathroom remodeling. Be sure to take the time before you start you project to talk to your glass contractor in your area,, providing glass shower doors installation, to see the many options you have available for you. Glass shower enclosures will give you years of great looks and service.

How Glass Canopies Can Contribute to Your Project


How Glass Canopies Can Contribute to Your Project
How Glass Canopies Can Contribute to Your Project

The development of glass technology has grown very much in the recent years. The science of glass development has led to many different types of safety glass for windows as well as different thicknesses and shapes. With the growth of this technology comes the growth of many different architectural uses for glass. One of the most used advances in glass is the use of glass canopies products. Glass canopies provide different advantages than your typical fabric, metal, or wood canopies. We will take a look at some of the great advantages that glass canopies will provide for us through the latest developments in glass technology.



Architectural Features

When we think of glass the first thing that comes to our minds is a glass sheet. Such is not the case anymore. Glass can now be made into circles, domes, and many other different shapes. Glass can also be made thicker with the development of acrylic glass. With the advances in the way glass is made there have been some awesome ways that architects have been able to design some breath taking glass canopies that will add a great look to any building. Laminated glass has pathed the way for canopies to span greater distance allowing for longer canopies. Another way that glass canopies are now being used is in the modern aquariums we have become so accustomed in seeing.

Allow for the Use of Natural Sunlight

In some of the older fabric and metal canopies lights had to be installed to keep the walkways and store entrances from being so dark. Glass canopies allow for the use of natural lighting by allowing the sun to light up the walkways and entrances. With the development of energy efficient glass the sun will not heat up whatever is located under the glass. Energy costs are cut because the lighting cost is not present with natural lighting. You will also not see the unsightly lamps and wiring it take to light up traditional canopies.

Glass Canopies Low Maintenance

This is one of the biggest advantages from glass canopies. Glass stands the time under just about any type of weather conditions. Laminated glass is stronger and if you live in regions that are successible to high wind the glass will not tear and rip like a conventional fabric canopy. If you are using metals such as aluminum or copper for your canopies they will eventually need to be cared for because of exposure to the elements. Glass has a set it and forget it advantage that is great when it comes to low maintenance. About the only time glass will need to be replaced is when it is broken.

Seek Professional Advice

If you have an older canopy and are considering replacement it is a great idea to consider glass for your canopy. Perhaps you are constructing a new building and looking to add a touch of elegance as well as trying to save money by cutting energy cost. Take a visit to your contractor,, providing glass canopy installation, to see what advantage you can have if you install a glass canopy.

6 Things You Must Consider Before Installing Tinted Windows


6 Things You Must Consider Before Installing Tinted Windows
6 Things You Must Consider Before Installing Tinted Windows

One of the options we have when we are choosing the windows for our storefronts, displays, and even in our homes is the option of choosing window tint. Window tint is available in several colors as well as the level of tint from darker to lighter tint is available to us. There are several reasons why we choose to install tinted windows. No matter if you are looking to replace your commercial storefront or retrofitting your residential glass there are several ways in which you will benefit with tinted glass. There are also a few disadvantages and we will take a look at them as well.


1. Tinted Windows Privacy

A well tinted window will make it difficult for anybody to see into your home or business. A tinted window will allow you to take advantage of your privacy without the use of drapes and window shutters. You can also use the natural lighting to your advantage but you will not have the obstruction you would normally have when you have to install blinds, drapes, and curtains.

2. Temperature

Tinted windows will tend to reflect sunlight allowing for you room temperature to remain cooler during the summer. Tinted windows will also protect your furniture from the dangerous UV rays that could fade and damage the finish on your furniture.

3. Lower Energy Bills

This goes without saying that when your rooms inside your home are protected from the harsh rays of the sun in the summer time then your energy savings will improve helping to save money. You will also benefit be able to use these energy savings to help to maintain other places in your home or business.

4. Less Effective at Night

While tinted windows help to block the sun rays during the day at night it is a different story. During the night when your interior lights are on you can see inside the rooms that have the tinted glass because the interior of the room is brighter than the outside.

5. Colder in the Winter

Your interior rooms of your home or business will remain colder in the winter weather because the tinted windows will not allow the warmth of the natural lighting from the sun to warm the room.

6. Financial Return

Even though your tinted windows may help you to cut your energy it may take some time for you to get the final return on your investment. Tinted windows are usually more expensive but eventually you will get the correct return on your investment.

Regardless of the disadvantages that have been listed you cannot go wrong with tinted windows. The advantages are far greater than the disadvantages. You will be sure to find a tinted window that will meet most of your needs. In some of glass shops they will have displays that will contain the type of tinted glass for you to choose from. Take a visit to your local glass shop and talk to your glass contractor,, to ask any questions you have pertaining to tinted glass. also provide window istallation, storefront glass installation, window replacement.


Curtain Wall Systems: A Guide to Curtain Wall Technology


Curtain Wall Systems: A Guide to Curtain Wall Technology
Curtain Wall Systems: A Guide to Curtain Wall Technology

Window wall is a structure built from reinforced concrete and after the main structure is finished a skin of glass is attached to the side of the building. A curtain wall can be as small as a common storefront or many floors such as a skyscraper. In earlier 1900’s the curtain wall frames were made of steel and then the glass was located and fitted into the frame. The size of the curtain walls was only a few stories because of the weight of the steel. In the curtain wall techniques of today aluminum is used and the curtain wall is much lighter. Aluminum can be used in many different shapes to give you some very unique designs for architecture. Custom shapes can be designed with aluminum. Gaskets and other glazing compounds have been developed to help attach the glass to the aluminum frames with a very airtight seal that protects from moisture and air intrusion. There are several different curtain wall systems that are utilized when a curtain wall is constructed.

Stick Systems

Most of curtain wall systems that are constructed today as well as in the past are installed long pieces known as sticks between floors vertically and between vertical members horizontally. Most of the framing members can be constructed ahead of time in another location. These pieces will then be installed on the structure and the glazing will be installed after the curtain wall frame is installed. This will protect the glazing from being torn or ripped during transportation and installation.

Ladder Systems

Ladder curtain wall systems are much like the stick curtain wall systems. They can also be constructed in a shop or other location and then transported to the site. A ladder curtain wall system is constructed much the same way a ladder is constructed. If you can picture an aluminum ladder being hung on the side of a structure you will get a great idea of how a ladder system is constructed. After the ladder curtain wall system is connected to the building then the glazing and glass installed.

Unitized Curtain Wall Systems

A unitized curtain wall system is constructed in a unit. Each unit is complete in itself. The glazing is installed into the unit before it is transported and installed onto the structure. This type of curtain wall system will cut down construction time allowing for a quicker completion. In some cases the unit will also include the window already installed in the unit. The unit will be constructed in another location and then transported to the structure location for installation.

Curtain Wall Construction Advantages

Curtain wall construction of today will have many advantages. One of the best advantages is the fact that the glass walls will take advantage of the natural lighting of the sun. Many different techniques have been developed in curtain wall construction that has enabled curtain wall construction in areas where this type of construction was not possible in the past. Developments have been invented that will allow for the movement and stress of curtain walls in windy areas, hurricane prone areas as well as earthquake prone regions.

Sky Windows and Doors – a Look at Smart Glass

Sky Windows and Doors - a Look at Smart Glass
Sky Windows and Doors – a Look at Smart Glass

Many types of applications have been developed for the use of glass. If you enter any type of public building such as a mall, office building, or even hospitals you will notice the use of glass to separate the rooms from one another. Glass has become a very elegant design choice that is used in many building today. Glass is used because of the elegant look it will provide but also for the qualities that glass will offer such as low maintenance and the versatility that glass provides. There is a new type of glass that has been developed recently called smart glass. In the next few paragraphs we will look at what smart glass consists of as well as the many different uses that smart glass is made for.

What Is Smart Glass?

Smart glass is two layers of glass that has been laminated together. In between the two layers of glass a Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film is applied. This film will allow your glass to change from clear to opaque. The darkness level can be controlled much the same way that a light dimmer switch works. The glass will remain clear until the PDLC film is activated. You are in control of the way you want your glass. The PDLC film is activated by switching it on much like a light switch. In clear mode an electrical current is passed through the PDLC layer allowing vision through the glass.

How Is It Used for Commercial Purposes?

There are a number of different applications that smart glass can be used. Residential as well as commercial application are used with smart glass. In commercial use you can turn a glass wall enclosed office that is open to the surrounding area into a private meeting area. If you activate the PDLC it will give you all the privacy you need to hold your private conferences.

Smart Glass Application for Residential Use

In many home applications smart glass can also turn an open area to a private area. One of the most common application for residential use is around a shower design. Smart glass can also be heat activated so when the shower is turned on the clear glass around the shower will turn opaque allowing for you privacy. Many single partitions are made from glass that separates larger rooms to smaller rooms. These particular glass partitions can be fitted with the smart glass to take advantage of the privacy smart glass can provide.

Openings through your home or office can be fitted with a smart glass to help create different looks in your home or office.

Energy Saving

Applications of smart glass have been known to be placed to help filter out the natural lighting that could heat up a building. You can use clear glass when you want to let the light in and you can control how much light you want entering your room or office.

Make sure to ask your local glass contractor,, about smart glass in your home or office.

Glass Walls and Partitions – Three Attractive Design Benefits


Glass Walls and Partitions - Three Attractive Design Benefits
Glass Walls and Partitions – Three Attractive Design Benefits

If you enter any office complex, medical complex, and many different types of public buildings you will notice a new trend that is present in most of the buildings we enter. Most of the public places we visit today will have a different feel because of the glass that is found throughout the buildings. Just about every wall and partition you see that is separating the rooms and various other walls are made of glass.

Glass Walls and Partitions – Types of Glass

There are several types of glass that are used in these partitions. You will see clear glass as well as frosted glass found in these partitions. In some cases you will also see some type of logo or design that will be etched into the glass. No matter what type of glass is used for glass walls and partitions there are some great advantages that they have to offer us. We will take a look at some of the great advantages that glass walls and partitions will offer you.

Airy and Open Feel

Even if your office or cubicle is closed completely by glass you will still feel the comfort of an open area. If you are stuck in your office or cubicle you will not get the feeling as if the walls are closing in on top of you. A lot of the waiting rooms you see in public places are now constructed of glass walls and partitions. You will find that a person will rest more easily and not be as uptight or excited as they would in a traditional waiting area that they cannot see their surroundings. You will also find a lot of different types of conference rooms that are also constructed of glass. Glass will provide the calming anesthetic feeling that will make the public place feel more comfortable.

More Open Workspace

Communication is a very important part of any type of workspace. You will notice a lot of companies that employ office workers and clients will have closed in areas for their offices. You will have privacy in these offices but they will seem as though they are off to their selves and not connected with everyone else. If coworkers can see that they are not cut off from everyone else your production will rise.

Clean Crisp Look

Glass partitions will provide you with a very attractive alternative when it comes to design types. Many different types of glass are available to make your glass walls and partitions stand out from the rest.  Etched, colored, and frosted glass are very popular choices. One of the great advantages of glass walls and partitions is the clean crisp look that you will always receive from the clean glass. With traditional office and room construction you will have walls that will need to be maintained and painted to always keep them in great condition. All you will need to do to with a glass wall is to wipe your glass clean.

Be sure to check with your local glass contactor,, to see the many types of glass walls and partitions that are available to you. also provide, storefront glass installation, glass canopy, glass repair.


Glass Porch Enclosure – Four Unique Advantages

Glass Porch Enclosure - Four Unique Advantages
Glass Porch Enclosure – Four Unique Advantages

There is a great way to add a room to your home but still receive the open feeling that you get from an open porch or patio. A glass porch enclosure will help provide an area for you and your family to hang out all year long. There are many ways that a family can benefit from when they add a glass option to their outdoor room or patio. There are many different combinations of glass walls as well as glass doors options to help you create the most unique and pleasant room in the house. We will look at some of the great advantages you will receive when you decide to create your own glass porch enclosure.

Enjoy Natural Light with Glass Porch Enclosure

A glass porch enclosure will offer you the opportunity to take advantage of the natural lighting we have available to us at just about any time day or night no matter what season of the year it is. On a cold winter day you can enjoy the warmth that the sun will provide. You can sit outside in your glass porch enclosure while it is crisp and cold and enjoy this natural warmth. You can also take advantage of a glass porch enclosure during the summer by sitting in a conditioned location while enjoying the outdoors. Another great option that you could consider is the addition of sliding glass walls that can be slid open when the weather provides you with the opportunity to do so and can be closed to protect you when needed.

Great Appeal and Classy Look

Over the years glass porch enclosures have gained popularity for many reasons. Glass porch enclosure is a very cost effective way to add a touch of beauty and class to any home. A closed in porch will provide a feel like no other room in your home. You can create any type of environment to meet any type of entertaining needs as well as family comfort when you have those family holiday gatherings. Your room will have a great appeal to all of your guests a well as family.

Low Maintenance Cost

Unlike any other building materials glass will provide you a lifetime of performance without the common upkeep that is needed with traditional materials. You will not have to worry about repainting and the regular maintenance that traditional construction methods will require. Glass will give year after year service without the deteriorating circumstances we face from the other most common materials such as wood and steel.

Glass Porch Enclosure Adds Value to Your Home

As you consider the cost of adding a glass porch enclosure to your home you will find that the cost is a little more than you would find in any other construction project. With the great advantage that glass will provide for you the cost will be well worth the price. The value of your home will increase when you add this great option. We all know how important it is for the equity in our homes to grow. We all deserve to have a place we can retreat to when we need some serious downtime!

If you decide to upgrade your house with a new glass porch enclosure, contact your local contractor,, they also provide, glass doors installation, glass partitions installation.