Tub Refinishing Project: Learn the Main Techniques

Tub Refinishing Project: Learn the Main Techniques

One of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome in a bathroom remodel nj or upgrade is the decision we make about our bathtubs. You may have an older cast iron tub that would be a major hassle to remove because of the heavy weight of the cast iron tub. Perhaps you have purchased an antique tub and want to refinish or re-glaze it so it can be used in your bathroom project. There is a tub refinishing technique that has been developed and adopted by many companies to help you to save money as well as accommodating your shower and tub needs. Tub refinishing or bathtub reglazing nj has become a very popular alternative. There are a few simple steps that need to be taken in the preparation in order to accomplish this task.

Reasons for Tub Refinishing:

  • Cost: With tub refinishing you will save in several ways. You will not have the cost of a new tub to begin with. You will also save money because you will not have to pay for the time removing your old tub or shower and cleaning up the debris.
  • Choice of colors: There is a variety of colors to choose from so you can choose the colors that are comfortable for you.
  • Ease of Cleaning: A new surface will not have the scratches and chips that are missing. You will have a nice smooth surface that will be much easier to clean. You will not have a buildup in the scratches and dents that could be harmful.
  • Time Involved: We know that any construction project takes time. With bathroom fixtures and tub refinishing you will cut the time involved with your project.
  • Value: You will also maximize and increase the value of your home.

Steps to Refinishing

  • Remove all of the silicone caulk and other types of sealer that may be on the surface of your tub. If possible you need to remove the drain screen as well as the shower faucet and shower head.
  • The surrounding areas need to be covered with a paper or plastic much the same way you would when you are preparing a car for painting. You do not want the refinishing material to get on anything you do not want refinished.
  • A cleaner is used to clean and etch the surface to prepare for the finish. This is an important step because you want the material being used in the re-glazing process to adhere to the surface of your tub. If this process is not done properly your finish could peel off at a later time.

Long Lasting and Money Saving Option

A typical refinish or tile and tub reglazing project could last you up to 15 years. This is a great way to save money so you can use the extra money saved on other projects to help improve your home (read about How to Save Money by Bathtub refinishing). Be sure to take this type of upgrade into consideration before you begin your next remodeling or upgrade project. Be sure to talk to your local contactor, SkyWindowsNJ.com, to see if this tub refinishing technique is a good fit for you!


4 Things You Can Achieve by Tile and Tub Reglazing

4 Things You Can Achieve by Tile and Tub Reglazing
4 Things You Can Achieve by Tile and Tub Reglazing

Tile and tub reglazing is often used in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. The bathroom is the second most remodeled room in your home. The kitchen is the most frequently upgraded and remodeled. There can be a lot of money sunken into a bathroom remodeling or upgrade. No matter how much money you have saved just for the purpose of the dream project you have in mind there is always something that comes up that will require you to spend more money than you wanted to spend. There are ways that you can remodel a bathroom and cut the cost putting some of the money back into your pocket. One of those ways is tile and tub reglazing. There are some distinct advantages that you will see when you choose to remodel your bathroom by tile and tub reglazing.

Change the Color Theme of the Room

The main issue when we decide to remodel is changing the whole theme or color of a room. This can be done by choosing from colors such as white, bone, biscuit, or almond for some of the basic glaze colors. These particular colors tend to blend well with some of the more popular choice for your ideal bathroom colors. You can also choose from a line of designer colors that the innovations of today have given us. Much like a fresh paint on an old car a fresh color on your tubs and tiles will make your project standout.

Save Your Time and Effort by Tile and Tub Reglazing

Another great advantage of shower, tile and tub reglazing is the less demolition you have to take part in. Some of the older tubs are made of cast iron and can be very heavy to move and relocate. If you had to carry this tub up or downstairs, you would probably reconsider replacing the tub and move towards the bathtub refinishing. Another advantage of tile reglazing in your shower also has to do with demolition. If you have ever tried to tear down a shower that is made of plaster and tile you know how big of a task this is. Reglazing the tiles you already have in your shower will save you a lot of time and work. Not to mention how much more the cleanup from a tile and tub reglazing job would be.

Give Your Tub and Tiles a Renewed Look

A lot of times you may not be looking to remodel the whole bathroom you just want to do some cosmetic work. Older tubs do obtain scratches over the many showers they are exposed to. Glazing can fill in the scratches and chips giving your tub and tiles a renewed look.

Get Rid of a Dull Finish on Tub, Shower and Tiles

Another thing that will dull the finish on tubs, showers, and tiles is the constant cleaning that these items will endure. The cleaning solutions that are used to clean your tubs and tiles over the years will dull the finish in a big way. Not only does the finish appear dull there are also minor scratches that develop with the use of some cleaners that contain abrasives. The next time you are considering remodeling your bathroom to upgrade consider taking advantage of tile and tub reglazing to help you save time as well as money.

How to Save Money by Bathtub Refinishing

How to Save Money by Bathtub Refinishing
How to Save Money by Bathtub Refinishing

Bathroom remodeling can be one of the most expensive remodeling projects that you will undertake. One of the biggest costs that you will have to take into consideration is the expense that your plumbing fixtures will cost you. After you spend most of your money on installing new cabinets, flooring, toilets as well as new faucets you do not have much money left to replace one of the main fixtures in your bathroom. The last remaining fixture is your bathtub or shower. Regardless of the type of materials your tub is made of you regain the luster your tub once had by bathtub refinishing and saving tons of money. Perhaps you have purchased an older fixture and want to refinish it to match your new remodeling endeavors. We will take a look at some of the questions involved in your tub remodeling process.

Bathtub Refinishing Steps

The material your tub is made of could be a material such as fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic or cultured marble. Each of these tubs will go through the same process. The first step is a thorough cleaning process which uses a two-step formula that will remove years of soap scum and body oil buildup. Mineral deposits will also be removed during this step. The next process is to repair all of the cracks and chips in your tub. A bonding agent is then applied to help your tub to receive the final coat. A fine-finish spray process is used to apply a double acrylic hi-tech finish.

What Does the Finished Product Look Like?

After your acrylic finish is sprayed it will be buffed until it will match the finish you are looking for. This surface can be buffed until it has the high gloss finish you are looking for or it can be finished to match the finish the rest of your plumbing fixtures have. This finish will also be a very smooth finish to the touch. Also a huge variety of colors is available so you can match your newly remodeled surroundings. Not all bathtub refinishing companies are the same. Be sure to use a company that will do all the proper steps.

Bathtub Refinishing: How Long Will It Last?

This is the number one question that is always asked when it comes to the decision of refinishing or replacing. All of us want a great return on our investments. A bathtub refinish job will extend the life of your tub for another 10-15 years. You will have to use the same basic care and guidelines that your tub manufacturer recommended from the beginning. A lot of your top of the line bathroom fixture manufacturers do not recommend harsh cleaner to use on their fixtures. Be sure to follow some simple basic guidelines to get the biggest return on your investment.

When you do get to the point of deciding if you want to replace or refinish just remember the amount of money you can save on your project by considering a shower or bathtub refinishing. After all we do like to save money. Be sure to check with your local bathtub refinishing company and do your research to see if refinishing is a good option for you.


Reglaze Bathtub NJ

There are few things in life as unpleasant as having to take a bath in a dirty, grimy bathtub that just won’t come clean. While replacing the tub is one option, it is very expensive and time consuming to do so that makes it almost impossible for many people. If you want to reglaze bathtub NJ, however, that can be done for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time when you hire Skyline to do it for you. Skyline has been performing this type of work for people in NYC, Brooklyn, Long Island and NJ for years and we’re ready to reglaze your bathtub as well.
Whether it is a tub in your home, an apartment you rent or even a hotel, our experts can reglaze bathtub NJ quickly and easily. We use only the best equipment and products to ensure you get the best possible results that will last for years to come. In fact, many of our previous customers have commented on the fact that they couldn’t tell that their tub was reglazed rather than brand new!

Reglaze Bathtub NJ | Professional Results in NYC

One of the best things about working with Skyline is that you know you’re getting the best possible service in the area. We are an established company that has served the New York and New Jersey area for many years. It is impossible to have a company thrive in this area if they are not giving their customers exactly what they want. To truly understand just how great this service can make your bathtub look, however, you really need to experience it. The fact is you’ve likely seen a reglazed bathtub at a friend or family member’s home without even realizing it. Many of our customers tell others that it is brand new, and nobody suspects anything.
What many people don’t realize about this process is that they can not only have their tub look like new, but it is also possible to change the color of the tub to help it look more modern and fashionable as well. When we reglaze a bathtub in NJ we give our customers as many different options as possible to help ensure they are satisfied with the results.

Reglaze Bathtub NJ | Excellent Customer Service

In addition to ensuring you get the best results when we reglaze a bathtub in NJ, we also work hard to provide the best possible customer service in the area. Each of our reglazers is not only trained to do the job, but also to help answer any questions you may have in a friendly and courteous manner. If you have questions at any point during the process feel free to stop and ask the technicians and they will be happy to explain what they are doing.
You can also call our customer service professionals at 1-888-759-5963 and discuss this type of service. We can set up an appointment to have your tub reglazed or just answer any questions you have about how it works or the cost.

Tile Reglazing NJ

Replacing the tile in your bathroom is an expensive, time consuming and messy task which most people really don’t want to have to go through. When tile starts looking dull and dirty though, many believe that this is the only way to restore the way their bathroom looks. The fact is, however, that there is an alternative option which will give you the great results you’re looking for in a fraction of the amount of time and cost and without making much of a mess at all! Tile reglazing NJ is an advanced method of cleaning and resurfacing your tile so it looks just like new. The materials used in reglazing are just as attractive and durable as new tile so you won’t have any problems with it once the job is done.
If you’re interested in learning more about tile reglazing in NJ you can contact Skyline Windows & Aluminum Products. We’ve been providing the residents of NJ and New York with this excellent service for years, and we want to help improve the look and feel of your bathroom as well! We can work with homes and businesses in Long Island, Brooklyn, NYC and throughout New Jersey. Our team of professionals is ready to restore the great look of your bathroom at a very affordable price.

Tile Reglazing NJ | Perfect for Spring Cleaning or Moving in or out

While tile reglazing in NJ is a great way to improve the look of your home at any time, it is especially popular during the spring because that is when most people are working on home improvement. It is also extremely common for people who are getting ready to sell a house to have this done because it can make a dramatic improvement on the look of your bathroom which is one of the most important rooms in the home. People moving into new homes also like to have this done because it can give them the feeling of having brand new tile in their new house without having to incur a large expense.
No matter when you decide to have tile reglazing done in New York or New Jersey it is an excellent way to improve the look and feel of your home. The fact that it is so affordable and doesn’t take long to complete are other great benefits to choosing this popular home improvement project.

Tile Reglazing NJ | Skyline Offers High Quality Services

If you’re ready to get your tile reglazing in NJ done by professionals call Skyline Windows & Aluminum products today at 888-759-5963. Our friendly and knowledgeable service staff will be happy to schedule a time to have the job done or answer any questions you might have about the reglazing or resurfacing process. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction in every possible way so if there is ever anything we can do to make you more comfortable with getting the tile in your bathroom or kitchen reglazed, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Tile Reglazing New York

Tile is one of the most attractive wall covering options available, but over time it can become dull and dirty to the point where it really can’t be cleaned. In bathrooms and kitchens tile can even get moldy to the point where it is impossible to restore it to its original shine. While most people would love to get all new tile, that is often not an option because it is so expensive. Tile reglazing New York is one of the best ways to get the great looking tile you want without having to spend thousands of dollars to have it replaced.
Tile reglazing, or resurfacing as it is sometimes called, is an advanced technique where the tile is professionally cleaned and then has a new surface bonded to the tile making it look and feel just like new. It is even possible to adjust the color and style of the tile during this process so most people would not even be able to tell that you didn’t have all new tile put in. Tile reglazing in New York is also very affordable making it one of the most popular options for home improvement projects today.

Tile Reglazing New York | Professional Reglazing from Skyline in Long Island & Brooklyn

Skyline Windows & Aluminum Products has been offering tile reglazing in New York, New Jersey, Brooklyn, Long Island and NYC for years. We have a team of trained professionals who can come out to your home or business to perform this task for you. In many cases we can have the job completed in less than a day so you can start enjoying your beautiful, like-new, tile right away. This is a great way to prepare for guests or just help improve the look of your home.
Whether you’re having the tile reglazing in New York done in your home or a business the professional team of tile reglazers will work around your schedule to minimize the inconvenience. In many cases we’ll come in after hours to businesses so there is no disruption of their services. For residential jobs we can either work on the weekends or take care of the job during the day so we’re not bothering you. Whatever you need, we’re happy to do to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

Tile Reglazing New York | Impressive Results

When we’re done with a tile reglazing in New York we often hear from clients that their tile looks even better than when it was first installed. We’re always working hard to provide the best results possible, and many times the new surface we put on your tile will look better than the way it did when it was first installed. Using state of the art tools, products and equipment we will make sure we’ll meet or exceed your expectations.
Tile reglazing in New York is a great way to bring the life back to your kitchen or bathroom so you can enjoy it for many years to come. It’s also a great way to increase the value before selling or renting a home. Whatever your plans are, you’ll love the way your tile looks when we’re done.

Bathtub Reglazing NJ

If you’ve got a bathtub which seems like you simply can’t get it clean no matter how hard you scrub, or if the color of it is just out of date and unfashionable, you likely wish you could get a new one. Unfortunately, purchasing and installing a new bathtub can be quite expensive. The best alternative to purchasing a new one is to look into bathtub reglazing NJ. This is a process where experts come in and use special materials to make your tub look like new again. They can even alter the color so it has a more modern and desirable look.
The process of bathtub reglazing in NJ is quite complex and involves a variety of different cleaning products and other materials to be done right. It is important that you have a professional with experience in this type of work perform any reglazing or it could result in the tub looking worse than it did to begin with. If you’re in New Jersey or anywhere in New York including Brooklyn, Long Island or NYC you can have your bathtub professionally reglazed by Skyline Windows. We’ve been offering this affordable alternative to replacement for years and you’ll absolutely love the results.

Bathtub Reglazing NJ | How Reglazing Works in New York

When our professionals arrive in your home we’ll start by completely cleaning your tub. We use special products which remove all types of soap scum, body oils and other things from the surface of your tub. This is essentially preparing your tub for the next steps. Once the tub is as clean as possible they will find any chips or cracks in the tub and fill them using state of the art materials that bond perfectly to the existing tub. Finally, there is the actual reglazing or resurfacing of the bathtub. This involves spraying on a unique blend of materials that will put new life into your tub.
Your bathtub will look brand new when they are completed. Any stains or discoloration will be gone. The color of the tub will be much improved and it will even feel like it was brand new. The whole process can be completed much more quickly than installing a new bathtub which is what makes bathtub reglazing in NJ so desirable for many people.

Bathtub Reglazing NJ | Many Benefits for NY Residents

There are many great benefits to bathtub reglazing in NJ ranging from the obvious improvement of the way it looks to the fact that it can help improve the overall value of a home. Most people who have this type of thing performed on their bathtub do it because they want to be able to enjoy their tub again without spending thousands of dollars to have it replaced. It is also popular, however, with people who are getting ready to move out of a home or even someone flipping a house because it is an affordable way to make a very noticeable improvement to the home. Whatever your reason for thinking about getting your bathtub reglazed, call Skyline Windows & Aluminum Products at 888-759-5963 to set up an appointment or have your questions answered today!