Triple Pane Windows – Pros and Cons Considerations


Triple Pane Windows - Pros and Cons Considerations
Triple Pane Windows – Pros and Cons Considerations

One of the most common insulated windows that is being used today is the double insulated window. Just about very modern home you come in contact with will have energy saving double pane windows. In recent years the development of the triple pane window has provided us with another option when it comes to cutting energy cost and saving money. Triple pane windows consist of three panes of glass sandwiched together instead of only two. In the 1980’s triple pane windows began to show up in homes that were being constructed with energy conservation in mind. Triple pane windows are becoming more in demand in the construction of even more energy efficient home. There are some great advantages for using triple pane glass windows as well as a few disadvantages. We will take a look at these advantages as well as a few disadvantages.

Triple Pane Windows – Reduction of Condensation

Two of the biggest advantages that you will receive from triple pane windows is the reduction of condensation and lowering heating and cooling cost. If you have ever noticed on a cold day outside whenever you heat the inside up on some of the double pane windows you will have condensation develop on your panes. The same happens during the summer when it is hot outside and cooler inside. With triple pane windows condensation is all but eliminated. It is harder for radiant heat to penetrate the three layers of glass.

Lowering Heating and Cooling Cost

Heating and cooling cost will be lowered. Triple pane glass can be expensive but the money you save on heating and cooling cost will be worth the investment. Heat and cooling loss from convection is also kept to a minimum. Some of the top of the line triple glass pane windows are filled with an argon gas that will also add to the insulating qualities of windows of this type.

Window Weight

There are however just a few drawbacks of using triple pane windows. One of the main disadvantages is the weight of the window. Having three window panes in a frame could make it more difficult to operate the window. Extra ballast may need to be added to ease the operation while the window is lifted open.

Thickness of the Window Sash

Having three panes of glass could also add to the thickness of the window sash. The more building materials that is used the more expensive a project will become. The visible light that travels through the window will also be cut down. You will not feel as much radiant heat from the natural lighting in the winter.

Contact Local Contractor

Many window manufacturers are offering triple pane windows. There will also be more contractors that are willing to install and become familiar with these windows as demand begins to grow again. If you are constructing a new home or a new storefront, or looking for replacement windows,  it would be to your great advantage to talk to a glass contactor in your area,, and see the many advantages as well as window types they will be able to accommodate you with.

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