Replacement Windows NJ – Commercial Glass

Replacement Windows NJ - Commercial Glass
Replacement Windows NJ – Commercial Glass

There will come a time that your commercial glass will need to be replaced after it has been broken. You will need to order replacement windows nj. With the advancement we have experienced in technology the past few years glass production technology has also improved and we have more choices.

Modern Commercial Glass Safety

A lot of research has been conducted to test the strength and safety of many of the commercial glass for replacement windows nj that is available today. Today’s commercial glasses for replacement windows nj are much safer and will provide more protection against the elements that nature can throw at us today. Hurricanes are getting stronger and natural weather occurrences such as earthquakes are becoming more frequent. When it comes time to upgrade to safety glass or to replace your damaged commercial glass there are some options of replacement windows nj that will provide you with a safer alternative.

Replacement Windows NJ – Types of Glass:

Tempered Glass

This is a glass that is made through a process of extreme heating the glass and then cooling it down rapidly. This process will make the glass stronger. Tempered glass is known to be four to five times stronger than regular glass. When this glass breaks it will not shatter into a bunch of big pieces that will become dangerous projectiles but it will shatter into smaller pieces. This is one of the reasons that tempered glass for replacement windows nj is also known as safety glass. When this glass does break it breaks into a lot of smaller pieces that cannot be thrown around by high winds.Tempered glass for replacement windows nj is also heat resistant making this glass a good choice where it will be exposed to a lot of heat.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is also known as safety glass. One bid difference between laminated glass and tempered glass is when breakage occurs. Tempered glass when broken will break into thousands of small pieces and crumble preventing the glass from breaking into large pieces. Laminated glass will also break into small pieces but it will stay together and not fall into a pile of broken glass. This glass is made when two pieces of glass are laminated together with a small plastic film placed between them. This plastic laminate holds the broken pieces together. This is the same type of glass that is used in automobile glass. The glass that is found in furniture such as table tops are also made with this type of glass.

Bullet Proof Glass

When we think of bullet proof glass the first thing we think about is protection from gunfire. There is a special process that takes place by combining several different glass making techniques that will result bullet proof glass. Bullet proof and resistant glass is not only for protection from gunfire but it will also make an excellent choice for glass replacement windows nj in wind prone areas. Parts of the country that tornadoes can produce dangerous projectiles bullet proof windows are an excellent choice for window protection. Also bullet proof windows can be found in areas where protection from hurricane force winds are needed.

When you have an unfortunate event that will require a commercial glass replacement, window installation brooklyn ny or storefront glass installation brooklyn, be sure to check with you local contractor,, to see which type of replacement windows nj will best fit your needs.

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