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Framed Partitions Wall

Our residential and commercial Framed Aluminum Glass Partitions are quality engineered for durability and ease of use. We can provide easy and efficient fabrication and installation. Allows for seamless integration of sliding doors, sunshades installation.

We offer furnished to order products as well as a full range of components. Please contact Sky Windows and Aluminum Products for a quote for finished product as well as assembly components.

Aluminum Glass Partition System Applications

  • Easy and efficient fabrication and installation of interior partitions
  • Easy fabrication and installation of office doors (solid wood core, all-glass, framed glass doors)

Framed Partitions Features

  • Plastic clips for easy glazing and glass dismantle (innovative patented solution)
  • Surface mounted brackets alow for quick and efficient assembly process
  • Integration with gypsum walls
  • Accepts various infill materials such as MDF, GWB, GLASS and others up to 3/8″
  • Allows for sunshades installation
  • Single and double glazed partitions
  • Allows for integration of single and double doors with various glazing options
  • Allows for seamless integration of sliding doors
  • Good acoustic performance
  • Returns and free angle moldings
  • Partitions height up to 11′-6″ with up to 4′ spans

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