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Florida Rooms Design, Manufacturing

Florida rooms are spaces either added as a room or as an attachment to a house. Sometimes referred to as a sun room or conservatory, the Florida room features a framework composed of plate glass panels or multiple window casings and frames. The structure of the room allows a great deal of natural sunlight into the space, making it an ideal location for houseplants as well as creating a warm and inviting space to read or relax.

Warm and Cozy

In order to keep Florida rooms warm and cozy even in winter weather, it is not unusual for double-paned glass to be used in the construction. The double panes effectively create a situation where the majority of the colder temperature is absorbed by the outer set of panes, while the inner set of panes tend to absorb more of the actual room temperature. This doubling of panes does not impair the view at all, and can make a huge difference when it comes to controlling the temperature within the space.

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