Window Installation: How to Choose Energy Efficient Window

Windows are the biggest source of energy loss that we have in our homes. If you live in an older home chances are that you have single pane windows. Most of your older windows in your older homes are made from aluminum and we loss energy through them by way of convection. Regardless if you are building a new home or you are in an older home there are a lot of money saving options available to you when choosing your window installation. If you live in an older home you should really consider window installation to a more energy efficient option.

Retrofit Window

This is an option for older homes. More than likely your older home has single pane aluminum windows. These windows can be taken out and replaced with custom built windows to fit the window opening that has been left after taking the older window out. Check your area for window installation contractors that offer this type of service. Replace these windows with a more energy efficient option and your window installation project will pay for itself with the money you save on your energy bill.

Window Installation in a New Construction Project

With today’s options we have when it comes to windows you should have no excuse to choose energy efficient windows for your new project. Check with your local window supplier and choose the best energy efficient option for your area. People that live up north do not need the same window as people who live down south. We are exposed to different elements in the different areas we live in. We need windows that are tested and can stand up to hurricane force winds in the coastal areas. We will need windows with a higher insulation value for the north.

Window Installation: Material Options

In the older days windows were made of wood and the single panes were held in place with sparkling. Over time the wooden window frames would shrink and the sparkling would crack and we would develop cracks in our windows. After wooden windows we were introduced to aluminum windows. This was a great option that improved the window because we no longer had a wooden frame that would rot or shrink. With single pane aluminum windows we would still loose energy through convection. This is when you can touch your window on the inside and still feel the hot or cold air. Today we still have aluminum windows but the insulated panes were added to help cut energy cost. Window companies have made enormous advance when it comes to window materials. Vinyl and vinyl covered wooden windows are great options today to help cut down on this convection problem.

Double Insulated Windows

Regardless of the window material option you choose double pane glass is the only way to insure you get the most you can from your windows when it comes to energy efficiency. There are several options available to you here as well. The double insulated window consist of two glass panes that have been placed in your window frame and then a vacuum created between the two panes for insulation. This is a great improvement over single panes glass. Another more expensive option is a double insulated glass where a low e coating has been placed on the inside of the glass on each pane to help cut down on heat loss. If at any time you can see a fog or sweat develop inside of your insulated panes of glass they need to be replaced. They may have developed a crack in the glass and your vacuum has been compromised and you have lost you insulating properties. Windows are one of the things in your home that can cost you money or create huge savings for you. Take a look at your windows and see where you stand.

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