Curtain Wall Systems: A Guide to Curtain Wall Technology


Curtain Wall Systems: A Guide to Curtain Wall Technology
Curtain Wall Systems: A Guide to Curtain Wall Technology

Window wall is a structure built from reinforced concrete and after the main structure is finished a skin of glass is attached to the side of the building. A curtain wall can be as small as a common storefront or many floors such as a skyscraper. In earlier 1900’s the curtain wall frames were made of steel and then the glass was located and fitted into the frame. The size of the curtain walls was only a few stories because of the weight of the steel. In the curtain wall techniques of today aluminum is used and the curtain wall is much lighter. Aluminum can be used in many different shapes to give you some very unique designs for architecture. Custom shapes can be designed with aluminum. Gaskets and other glazing compounds have been developed to help attach the glass to the aluminum frames with a very airtight seal that protects from moisture and air intrusion. There are several different curtain wall systems that are utilized when a curtain wall is constructed.

Stick Systems

Most of curtain wall systems that are constructed today as well as in the past are installed long pieces known as sticks between floors vertically and between vertical members horizontally. Most of the framing members can be constructed ahead of time in another location. These pieces will then be installed on the structure and the glazing will be installed after the curtain wall frame is installed. This will protect the glazing from being torn or ripped during transportation and installation.

Ladder Systems

Ladder curtain wall systems are much like the stick curtain wall systems. They can also be constructed in a shop or other location and then transported to the site. A ladder curtain wall system is constructed much the same way a ladder is constructed. If you can picture an aluminum ladder being hung on the side of a structure you will get a great idea of how a ladder system is constructed. After the ladder curtain wall system is connected to the building then the glazing and glass installed.

Unitized Curtain Wall Systems

A unitized curtain wall system is constructed in a unit. Each unit is complete in itself. The glazing is installed into the unit before it is transported and installed onto the structure. This type of curtain wall system will cut down construction time allowing for a quicker completion. In some cases the unit will also include the window already installed in the unit. The unit will be constructed in another location and then transported to the structure location for installation.

Curtain Wall Construction Advantages

Curtain wall construction of today will have many advantages. One of the best advantages is the fact that the glass walls will take advantage of the natural lighting of the sun. Many different techniques have been developed in curtain wall construction that has enabled curtain wall construction in areas where this type of construction was not possible in the past. Developments have been invented that will allow for the movement and stress of curtain walls in windy areas, hurricane prone areas as well as earthquake prone regions.

Curtain Wall Construction Brooklyn – Innovative Design

Curtain Wall Construction Brooklyn - Innovative Design
Curtain Wall Construction Brooklyn – Innovative Design

Curtain wall Systems is a method that has been around for a long time. It is the method by which a skin of steel and glass is constructed and creates the outer skin of huge buildings and skyscrapers. These outer skins are attached to the building much the same way as a curtain that hangs on the wall. Curtain wall construction has been around since the early 1900’s. We will take a look at some of the earlier examples of curtain wall construction to see how this innovative design in architecture begin. There have also been huge strides made in curtain wall construction brooklyn today when it comes to materials used as well as energy saving considerations.

Early Examples of Curtain Wall Construction

The Hallidie Building located in San Francisco opened in 1918. It is one of the earliest examples of this type of construction. This is a concrete and steel seven story building that was designed by architect Willis Polk. Another great example of early curtain wall construction is the Higgins Armory Museum that was built in 1929-1930. This building was a great step in the structural technique of curtain wall construction. There are many examples of building like these all through modern history. Not only were the great innovations in construction of buildings of this type but it saved time and building with curtain wall new york construction became taller as well as bigger.

Modern Techniques in Curtain Wall Construction Brooklyn

With the development of newer and lighter materials such as aluminum curtain wall construction brooklyn became much easier and also newer techniques have been developed to make curtain walls much more energy efficient. With buildings being constructed with modern techniques using concrete and steel these building are able to be constructed higher and higher. The first step of curtain wall construction brooklyn will not happen until the building structure is erected and completed. After the steel and concrete structure is erected then the steel brackets that will accept the glass will be attached to the frame. After all of the frame is attached then the window panels are installed.

Types of Window Panels

There are several types of window panels are installed. Most of the glass that is used today has been developed with more strength to help the panels to be more structurally sound. Also these window panels are also energy efficient panels that consist of insulated window panels. The tint in the window panels also help to cut down on sunlight to keep the building cooler.

Gasket Materials

Another important factor a curtain wall construction brooklyn is the type of gasket and gusset material that is found in each panel to help accept and seal the window. The gasket materials of today are made of very efficient materials that will keep from getting hard and brittle after only a few years. The longer these materials last the less maintenance cost you will have saving you money.

The next time you visit the city take a look around you to see how many building you will see that is constructed with the commercial curtain wall technique. You may perhaps live in an apartment building or condo that is constructed with this great technique.

For more information about curtain wall construction brooklyn contact your local contractor, that also provide window installation brooklyn ny, storefront glass installation brooklyn.

Adopting in NYC Curtain Wall Construction in Residential Area


Adopting in NYC Curtain Wall Construction in Residential Area
Adopting in NYC Curtain Wall Construction in Residential Area

Most of the time when we think of NYC curtain wall construction larger scale construction projects come to mind. You will usually think of hospitals, schools, libraries, as well a storefronts being constructed using this type of method. But today many companies are adopting in NYC curtain wall construction to a much smaller scale. They are also being used in residential architecture and homes. We have to remember that this type of method is not for structure strength but more for appeal. In many residential applications these walls are being used in living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens to give them an interesting appeal as well as taking advantage of the lighting aspects that come along with glass.

There are some distinct advantages to curtain wall construction that we will take a look at.

NYC Curtain Wall – Long Lasting Construction

Each panel in the curtain wall is made from durable aluminum that will not rust. This aluminum is available in a variety of colors and finishes. One of the biggest advantages of using aluminum framing is the lightweight construction that can be made to the customer’s desire. You can make the aluminum frame to fit just about any building as well as the shape to make for some unique one of a kind structures. Aluminum will also never rot or rust and maintenance is cut way down saving you time and money. Curtain walls systems also use tempered glazing that will give you a long lasting airtight seal that will last for long periods of time to element the need for latex caulking or glazing. The glass type you decide to use will also add protection from the elements as well as saving money by cutting energy cost.

Contemporary or Traditional Design

Most of the time a NYC curtain wall will be perceived as a modern style. Curtain walls are constructed of glass and aluminum which are to types of materials that are associated with contemporary design. Large spans of glass fitted with aluminum bars will give you a unique striking appearance. You can cooperate more subtle grid patterns to help lessen the effect to obtain a more traditional design. Doors and windows can also be added to help with the ventilation and add more details to any project. Regardless of the style you choose you will find one that will meet the needs you have in mind when it comes to design. Shelving units can also be added to give your project a different look but ad functionality.

Contact Your Contractor for Best Results

If you are choosing to build new construction or remodeling the structure you are living in now you can do research with the many sources available to you on the internet. Get you designs and thought together and meet with your local contractor to ask any question that you may have about constructing in NYC curtain wall systems. The best thing to do is to take a look at some of the building around you to see the type of construction options that are available to you. Pay a visit to you contractor today to decide on the vision you have in mind on curtain wall.


Master the Art of Architectural Curtain Walls


Master the Art of Architectural Curtain Walls
Master the Art of Architectural Curtain Walls

When we think of a curtain wall most people would bring to mind a wall of curtains much like the curtains that hang over our windows to block out the light or add privacy. If you are an architect or in the construction industry you have a totally different idea of what a glass curtain wall is. This architectural curtain wall is the type we will concentrate on and explain to you what an architectural curtain wall is and what they consist of. Curtain walls of today are very exquisite and will add beauty and glamour to any building no matter how big or how small.

Architectural Curtain Wall Definition

An architectural curtain wall is the outer skin of a building. These walls do not really have a structural purpose to the building. These walls are constructed to keep weather out and people in. These walls are often made of a lightweight frame with glass added to the frame. This type of construction will also help cut costs of the project. One of the biggest advantages of curtain walls is the ability to use the natural lighting it provides. It will also give you a more open feel and you do not feel you are trapped inside of closed in walls. The wall does not carry any dead load of the building. The only weight that is involved is the dead weight of the curtain wall itself. A curtain wall is also designed to resist air and water exposure.  There are several ways curtain wall systems are constructed.

Stick Systems

The biggest majority of architectural curtain walls are constructed from long pieces of framing known as sticks. The framing members are constructed vertically between floors and then horizontal members are added between the vertical pieces. The framing members can be cut and prefabbed in a shop and the glass and glazing can be added on site after the framing members are installed.

Ladder Systems

Ladder systems are very similar to the stick system. This system will allow for each section of the architectural curtain wall to be constructed off site. After being prefabbed in a shop or other location they will be transported to the construction site and each section will be added and stacked on each other. This system will not have the same structural integrity as a stick system.

Rain Screen Principle

This is a very important principle that is pretty technical. This feature allows glass to be installed into the framing regardless of the system being used. Basically a type of gasket called a glazing rebate is used to place around the framing which accepts the glass. This glazing rebate will allow ventilation so that the pressure inside and the pressure outside will be equalized to keep from drawing water into the building.

Curtain Walls in Contemporary Architecture

You can see that curtain walls play a huge part of construction in today’s world. In the major metropolitan areas of today businesses are still growing. Space is also limited in these areas and a lot of times the only way to expand is up. An architectural curtain wall is an excellent way to expand in this type of situation. They can also be adapted to smaller buildings also. Do your research to see if this type of wall will meet your construction and expansion needs.


Curtain Wall New York

When designing a new building for your company or just updating the look of an existing office there are many different options to choose from. To make the exterior of the building look modern and attractive many people choose to add a curtain wall New York. This is also an option which will let in natural sunlight which can help reduce the overall heating bills and lighting expenses as well. Choosing a curtain wall also gives you a lot of different choices when it comes to the specific design and type of glass to be used so you can have a very beautiful building.
Skyline Windows & Aluminum Products has been helping businesses design and install their curtain wall in New York for many years. We also repair and replace glass in these structures and do other maintenance as needed. We’ll work closely with the architects and construction company to ensure everything goes smoothly while installing the curtain wall for your office.

Curtain Wall New York | Why Choose a Curtain Wall NYC

Many people aren’t really sure about what the benefits of a curtain wall in New York are, and some don’t know what they are at all. Just about everyone, however has seen them on other buildings and loved the way they look. A curtain wall is any exterior wall that does not support the weight of the building. Essentially these are non-structural walls which are designed primarily to look good while keeping the weather out of the building and the people in. In most cases these walls are made from glass because it offers many great benefits.
Having a glass curtain wall in New York or New Jersey is very popular because it looks great and is more affordable than adding in additional structural support within the building. Architects often like using curtain walls because it gives them the added flexibility of choosing how they want the exterior of the building to look not only in terms of the materials used, but also the design. Whether it is using a straight line of glass for the exterior or having something curved, there are very few limits on what can be done with this type of wall.

Curtain Wall New York | Ready to Work with You Through NY & NJ

Skyline Windows & Aluminum Products has been helping companies throughout New York and New Jersey with their curtain wall needs. We’ve helped design and install glass curtain walls in New York, Long Island, Brooklyn, and NYC. If you’re thinking about using a curtain wall in your upcoming building product, or you need maintenance performed on an existing one, just give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to help you with all your curtain wall needs.
Our team of experienced professionals knows what it takes to successfully design and install a curtain wall in New York and we’ll be happy to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or you would like to get a free quote please don’t hesitate to call us at 888-759-5963 and speak with one of our friendly customer service professionals.