Bathroom Windows: Home Design Ideas to Welcome More Natural Light

Bathroom Windows: Home Design Ideas to Welcome More Natural Light


If you are looking to add a new bathroom or remodel the bathroom you have, there is one consideration that should really be put to thought. If at all possible there should be a window added to your bathroom. If your bathroom is located on the outside walls of your building this would be a great place to add bathroom windows. If it is located on the inside location of the building where there is no exterior wall, then you should consider a skylight or sky tunnel. By adding natural lighting to your bathroom there are several distinct advantages you will benefit from. We will take a look at some of the ways natural lighting through bathroom windows can add safety and elegance to any bathroom.

How to Remove Bathroom Mold Naturally

The lighting that enters the bathroom is also a great healthy addition to any bathroom. The bathroom is one place where the threat of mold development is a constant problem. A bathroom needs to be cleaned often to keep the moisture level down in the bathroom to prevent mold. Providing natural sunlight through bathroom windows is a way to deter mold development naturally. Developing mold will be slowed down and in most cases completely stopped when natural light is introduced to mold.

Best Lighting for Makeup in a Bathroom

Natural lighting will also provide you with better lighting in your bathroom that will help in the everyday task we perform such as putting on makeup. You will see a truer color with natural lighting versus the lighting from incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. A lot of times when vanity lighting is used you will receive a glare from the bulbs that will make it hard to use the mirrors. You can still use the vanity lighting but with the aid of natural lighting you will be able to use smaller wattage bulbs that will help to keep you from feeling the extra heat that is produced by the higher watt bulbs.

Bathroom Windows Ideas

Privacy could be an issue if you add windows to your bathroom. There are several ways to install windows and still have your privacy. Of course one of the ways is to add blinds to your windows. Bathroom windows are also available with obscured panes. This means that you will receive natural lighting but you cannot see through the window. You can also consider using glass blocks or stained glass windows that will provide adequate privacy.

Why Fixed Pane Windows Are Not the Best Choice

Bathroom windows are available to you in two different ways. They can be fixed panels that can be stained windows or glass block windows. But the best option is using a widow that is operational. If you can open and shut your windows it will help to remove moisture from the room that will help to keep mold development down. Adding windows to your bathroom not only helps to save energy, it is a healthy addition to any bathroom. There are tons of choices to choose from to add a touch of elegance to any room in your house.


Visit your local window provider,, to see the many choices you have available to you. also provide, window installation brooklyn, window replacement, glass shower doors.

Everything You Need to Know about Retrofit Windows

Everything You Need to Know about Retrofit Windows

If you live in an older home and are looking to remodel or upgrade your home the windows of the home are usually the first place that someone looks at to replace. If you live in an older home this may be the only true upgrade that will need to take place. Some of the older homes have leaking single pane windows that will allow unwanted heat to enter the home during the summer and much wanted heat to escape during the winter. Retrofitting windows for your home can be accomplished in much easier fashion with the techniques that have been developed. We will look at some of the advantages that will benefit you if you decide to replace the windows in your home with retrofit windows.

Retrofit Windows Are the Best Choice for Older Homes

A lot of the older homes have windows that are not your standard sizes. If you want to replace the windows that are not standard these window opening can be matched with retrofit windows that are custom made to fit these openings. In some cases, windows have been hung behind bricks that cannot be removed. These frames have to be destroyed to be removed. After the frames have been removed a measurement can be taken at the window openings between the bricks. These custom windows are easily installed back in the brick opening to provide a great airtight fit. Making sure that replacement windows are installed into the openings in the correct way is very crucial. It doesn’t matter how well the window is constructed, what matters is window installation.

Why Retrofitting Windows Is Saving Money

One of the main reasons why we want to upgrade the windows of a home is for saving money. Saving energy and cutting heating and cooling cost is the best way to save money. In most of the older homes you will find single pane glass windows. These single panes windows will allow for temperature changes in the home through convection. In a lot of cases these single panes are installed with caulking or spackling that become brittle and crack with time.

Insulated Glass Windows

With retrofit windows, insulated glass panels are used to replace the single pane windows. These insulated glass panels can be constructed for any window size. Insulated glass windows are available with tinted glass as well. Check with your local glass contractor to see the several different types of insulated windows that are available to you.

Materials for Custom Retrofit Windows

Custom retrofit windows are also available in several popular materials. Aluminum windows were among the most popular when the construction of custom windows was first introduced. Several different colors and finishes were available to choose from. Today one of the most popular choice of building materials to use for these windows is vinyl. Vinyl is a long lasting, low maintenance material available in several different colors. Vinyl replacement windows are very popular when it comes to choosing custom and retrofit windows. If you are considering to replace your windows and you need custom windows constructed, your local contractor,, will be glad to work with you to see which types of windows are best for you.

6 Things You Must Consider Before Installing Tinted Windows


6 Things You Must Consider Before Installing Tinted Windows
6 Things You Must Consider Before Installing Tinted Windows

One of the options we have when we are choosing the windows for our storefronts, displays, and even in our homes is the option of choosing window tint. Window tint is available in several colors as well as the level of tint from darker to lighter tint is available to us. There are several reasons why we choose to install tinted windows. No matter if you are looking to replace your commercial storefront or retrofitting your residential glass there are several ways in which you will benefit with tinted glass. There are also a few disadvantages and we will take a look at them as well.


1. Tinted Windows Privacy

A well tinted window will make it difficult for anybody to see into your home or business. A tinted window will allow you to take advantage of your privacy without the use of drapes and window shutters. You can also use the natural lighting to your advantage but you will not have the obstruction you would normally have when you have to install blinds, drapes, and curtains.

2. Temperature

Tinted windows will tend to reflect sunlight allowing for you room temperature to remain cooler during the summer. Tinted windows will also protect your furniture from the dangerous UV rays that could fade and damage the finish on your furniture.

3. Lower Energy Bills

This goes without saying that when your rooms inside your home are protected from the harsh rays of the sun in the summer time then your energy savings will improve helping to save money. You will also benefit be able to use these energy savings to help to maintain other places in your home or business.

4. Less Effective at Night

While tinted windows help to block the sun rays during the day at night it is a different story. During the night when your interior lights are on you can see inside the rooms that have the tinted glass because the interior of the room is brighter than the outside.

5. Colder in the Winter

Your interior rooms of your home or business will remain colder in the winter weather because the tinted windows will not allow the warmth of the natural lighting from the sun to warm the room.

6. Financial Return

Even though your tinted windows may help you to cut your energy it may take some time for you to get the final return on your investment. Tinted windows are usually more expensive but eventually you will get the correct return on your investment.

Regardless of the disadvantages that have been listed you cannot go wrong with tinted windows. The advantages are far greater than the disadvantages. You will be sure to find a tinted window that will meet most of your needs. In some of glass shops they will have displays that will contain the type of tinted glass for you to choose from. Take a visit to your local glass shop and talk to your glass contractor,, to ask any questions you have pertaining to tinted glass. also provide window istallation, storefront glass installation, window replacement.


Triple Pane Windows – Pros and Cons Considerations


Triple Pane Windows - Pros and Cons Considerations
Triple Pane Windows – Pros and Cons Considerations

One of the most common insulated windows that is being used today is the double insulated window. Just about very modern home you come in contact with will have energy saving double pane windows. In recent years the development of the triple pane window has provided us with another option when it comes to cutting energy cost and saving money. Triple pane windows consist of three panes of glass sandwiched together instead of only two. In the 1980’s triple pane windows began to show up in homes that were being constructed with energy conservation in mind. Triple pane windows are becoming more in demand in the construction of even more energy efficient home. There are some great advantages for using triple pane glass windows as well as a few disadvantages. We will take a look at these advantages as well as a few disadvantages.

Triple Pane Windows – Reduction of Condensation

Two of the biggest advantages that you will receive from triple pane windows is the reduction of condensation and lowering heating and cooling cost. If you have ever noticed on a cold day outside whenever you heat the inside up on some of the double pane windows you will have condensation develop on your panes. The same happens during the summer when it is hot outside and cooler inside. With triple pane windows condensation is all but eliminated. It is harder for radiant heat to penetrate the three layers of glass.

Lowering Heating and Cooling Cost

Heating and cooling cost will be lowered. Triple pane glass can be expensive but the money you save on heating and cooling cost will be worth the investment. Heat and cooling loss from convection is also kept to a minimum. Some of the top of the line triple glass pane windows are filled with an argon gas that will also add to the insulating qualities of windows of this type.

Window Weight

There are however just a few drawbacks of using triple pane windows. One of the main disadvantages is the weight of the window. Having three window panes in a frame could make it more difficult to operate the window. Extra ballast may need to be added to ease the operation while the window is lifted open.

Thickness of the Window Sash

Having three panes of glass could also add to the thickness of the window sash. The more building materials that is used the more expensive a project will become. The visible light that travels through the window will also be cut down. You will not feel as much radiant heat from the natural lighting in the winter.

Contact Local Contractor

Many window manufacturers are offering triple pane windows. There will also be more contractors that are willing to install and become familiar with these windows as demand begins to grow again. If you are constructing a new home or a new storefront, or looking for replacement windows,  it would be to your great advantage to talk to a glass contactor in your area,, and see the many advantages as well as window types they will be able to accommodate you with.

Window Installation NJ: 3 Things to Make the Right Decision


Window Installation NJ: 3 Things to Make the Right Decision
Window Installation NJ: 3 Things to Make the Right Decision

Windows have become a very important part of any type of construction project from residential to commercial. No matter if you are undergoing a new construction project are if you are remodeling or upgrading a home or building the window installation nj choices you make will make the difference is saving energy and cutting energy cost. There are several things that need to be considered when you make your window installation decision. In the next few paragraphs we will take a look at some of most important aspects when it comes to windows. Window replacement, upgrade as well as new window installation nj can be costly and the only way to make sure you receive a return on your investment is to make the right window installation decisions.

Window Installation NJ: Windows Types

Windows come in a huge variety of types and styles. The most common window is a window that will open up and down vertically. I am sure that most of us are familiar with this type of window. Some of the vertical windows can be tilted in towards the inside to aid in cleaning the windows. Horizontal sliding windows are also available for you to use in certain design situations. There are bay windows and casement windows that will serve a special purpose as well. Bay window options are very popular when they are used as a sitting area. Some smaller bay windows are also used for plant windows as well. There are many types of windows that are available to you for just about any type of window installation need you may come across during your construction project. Check with your local window installation nj contractor,, if you have a special need for any type of window.

Window Materials: Wood, Aluminium, Vinyl

There have been many improvements made when it comes to deciding what materials to use for our window projects. In the older time the only windows that were available to us was wooden windows. Wooden windows always needed to be maintained to keep them in working order. The panes in these windows were single pane glass that were broken and needed to be replaced quite often. It took proper window installation techniques so these windows were repaired the right way. Today’s windows are more expensive but they are made of materials that will last a long time. One of the most common materials used today is aluminium. It is a light weight and low maintenance material that will not require the regular upkeep that a wooden window will need. Another very popular material for windows today is vinyl. These windows are the best when it comes to long lasting windows. Vinyl will withstand the elements very well and is available to you in some popular color choices.

Window Sizes: From Standard to Custom-Made

Most of the windows that are available to you today are available in many standard and common sizes. You will need to check with your local window provider so he can tell you the rough opening size of the many common sizes of windows. Windows can also be constructed and retrofitted for any type of custom window need you may have. Check with your local window installation nj contactor, to see if they can make a custom fit window for your need.

Custom Windows – a Solution for Non-Standard Openings


Custom Windows - a Solution for Non-Standard Openings
Custom Windows – a Solution for Non-Standard Openings

There is a service that is provided by a lot of local companies in the areas we live that can provide us with different types of windows and doors. These companies can fill almost any need that we have when we do get into different situations that require custom windows or doors. During remodeling as well as new construction we often will come across times when we will need to have a window or door made to a specific size.

Custom Windows in Restoration Projects

Some construction projects include the preservation of older homes and buildings to keep our culture and history alive. It is times like these when we can call someone to customize and retrofit the items we need in these very important restoration projects. Retrofit doors and custom windows have benefits we can take advantage of that will help us with any construction problem as well as helping us to save money.

Custom Fit Windows for Non-Standard Sizes

During the many types of construction we do we run across openings that are not a normal and standard size. In a lot of newer construction we would make our rough opening the size we need to accommodate standard window sizes that can be ordered ahead of time from the various factories. This is not always the case. There are situations where a window or door will need to be located in a certain spot that may call for a special size that is not standard. This is where a custom window or doors can be made to fit the needs we have. If you are restoring an older home and need to replace the windows you will find that all of the windows are not the same size as well as the rough openings do not allow for standard window. This is where custom windows will save you a lot of construction headaches as well as time and money.

Energy Efficient Custom Windows and Doors

Not only can custom windows be made from any material you desire such as vinyl, aluminum, and wood they can be fit with energy efficient double insulated window panels that will help your project become more energy efficient saving you money. Custom windows and doors installations will also be performed with airtight materials as well as techniques such as caulking and chinking that we give you an airtight as well as watertight seal that will help you to cut energy cost. The replacement windows can also be constructed to match any type of construction to keep your project as close to the original without sacrificing the typical theme you are working with.

Seek Professional Advice

If you want to save money and cut energy cost in a home or residence you are living in now or if you are remodeling an older home, be sure to check with your local window contractor, They are sure to have any type of custom windows you will need for any type of project you are doing.

Window Replacement Brooklyn NY | Glass Repair


Window Replacement Brooklyn NY | Glass Repair
Window Replacement Brooklyn NY | Glass Repair

Commercial glass repair, window replacement brooklyn ny has grown to be a big part of construction today. Mainly because of the massive growth. There are many advantages of glass repair that you can take part in that will benefit you greatly.

Advantages of Glass Repair

One of the biggest advantages of glass repair is the amount of money you will save when comparing repair to total replacement. Several types of standard size windows panes are available for quick and instant window repair. Even if you have a custom window that needs replacing with today’s glass production technology and glass cutting techniques this can be done with great ease and with little time involved.

Window Replacement Brooklyn NY – Protection from the Elements

With the unpredictable weather elements that we do have today it is a great option to have window replacement brooklyn ny available to us. It seems that each day we listen to the news we hear about how tornadoes and earthquakes are becoming more frequent. It is these types of events that will make window replacement brooklyn ny no longer just options but a necessity. Even with some of the increases we have in crime window repair has become a great need. In the next few words we will take a look at how commercial window replacement brooklyn ny has become an extremely popular aspect for a glass contractor.

Cutting Repair Cost

Most of the storefronts and business fronts you see today you will notice one thing. They are designed in sections. This is the main reason why window replacement brooklyn ny cost remain a lower cost option. You can replace only the section that is damaged and you do not have to replace the entire storefront. This is also great if you decide to change the looks of your storefront or even replace a panel or two with a more decorative option. Window replacement brooklyn ny will save you a lot of money so the money you save can be put to other important parts of your business.

Window Replacement Brooklyn NY Saves Time

The window replacement brooklyn ny option will also save you money from preventing your business from experiencing downtime that will cost you some serious money. In most cases this window replacement brooklyn ny can be performed without any downtime at all. We know as business owners that we cannot generate revenue if we are not open for business. In some of the most extreme glass replacement jobs where in the worst case scenario that your whole storefront needs to be replaced you still should not experience no more than a couple of days of downtime.

Work with Your Local Contractor

Your local glass contactor,, will have on hand all the equipment needed to prevent you from being shutdown no longer that you need to be. In most cases the contractor you use will already have on hand the materials needed to make the quick repair need to save you money. Whenever you choose a window replacement brooklyn ny contractor to do the projects you need be sure that they can provide the quick repair needed to keep you from experiencing a lot of downtime that will cost you money in the long run. After all we are in the business to make money. al so provide, storefront glass installation brooklyn, window installation new york city.

Replacement Windows NJ – Commercial Glass

Replacement Windows NJ - Commercial Glass
Replacement Windows NJ – Commercial Glass

There will come a time that your commercial glass will need to be replaced after it has been broken. You will need to order replacement windows nj. With the advancement we have experienced in technology the past few years glass production technology has also improved and we have more choices.

Modern Commercial Glass Safety

A lot of research has been conducted to test the strength and safety of many of the commercial glass for replacement windows nj that is available today. Today’s commercial glasses for replacement windows nj are much safer and will provide more protection against the elements that nature can throw at us today. Hurricanes are getting stronger and natural weather occurrences such as earthquakes are becoming more frequent. When it comes time to upgrade to safety glass or to replace your damaged commercial glass there are some options of replacement windows nj that will provide you with a safer alternative.

Replacement Windows NJ – Types of Glass:

Tempered Glass

This is a glass that is made through a process of extreme heating the glass and then cooling it down rapidly. This process will make the glass stronger. Tempered glass is known to be four to five times stronger than regular glass. When this glass breaks it will not shatter into a bunch of big pieces that will become dangerous projectiles but it will shatter into smaller pieces. This is one of the reasons that tempered glass for replacement windows nj is also known as safety glass. When this glass does break it breaks into a lot of smaller pieces that cannot be thrown around by high winds.Tempered glass for replacement windows nj is also heat resistant making this glass a good choice where it will be exposed to a lot of heat.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is also known as safety glass. One bid difference between laminated glass and tempered glass is when breakage occurs. Tempered glass when broken will break into thousands of small pieces and crumble preventing the glass from breaking into large pieces. Laminated glass will also break into small pieces but it will stay together and not fall into a pile of broken glass. This glass is made when two pieces of glass are laminated together with a small plastic film placed between them. This plastic laminate holds the broken pieces together. This is the same type of glass that is used in automobile glass. The glass that is found in furniture such as table tops are also made with this type of glass.

Bullet Proof Glass

When we think of bullet proof glass the first thing we think about is protection from gunfire. There is a special process that takes place by combining several different glass making techniques that will result bullet proof glass. Bullet proof and resistant glass is not only for protection from gunfire but it will also make an excellent choice for glass replacement windows nj in wind prone areas. Parts of the country that tornadoes can produce dangerous projectiles bullet proof windows are an excellent choice for window protection. Also bullet proof windows can be found in areas where protection from hurricane force winds are needed.

When you have an unfortunate event that will require a commercial glass replacement, window installation brooklyn ny or storefront glass installation brooklyn, be sure to check with you local contractor,, to see which type of replacement windows nj will best fit your needs.

Window Installation Brooklyn | Natural Ventilation

I want to tell you about something that occurs naturally in the home. It is called the Stack Effect. It works much like a chimney. This effect happens when the warmer indoor air rises up from lower living areas and escapes through the upper openings of a building. Much the same way as cross ventilation in your home. It is very important for good ventilation after the proper window installation.


Window Installation, Cross Ventilation


When people open windows in opposite sides of the house to cool indoor temperatures. But naturally if you have central air you don’t need to open a window right. But let’s get back to explain the stack effect. If you stand in front of a fireplace and strike a match you will see the smoke leave and go up the chimney. This same effect happens in each home. The taller your home is the more stack. The same effect helps keep your attic cool also. Go outside your house and look under your soffit to see if you have soffit vents. If you do you are in great shape. The air moves in from these soffit vents in much the same way as the stack effect. It goes out through the vents in your attic therefore creating a passage for natural ventilation that will save you money. If you do not have these vents it is very economical to have them installed or install yourself. Proper ventilation is only possible with high-quality design doors and windows and correct window installation Brooklyn.


What Does This Have to Do with Air Leakage?


Remember in an earlier blog where we talked about finding air leaks in your home using your central air and heating unit? I hope that procedure helped you to find some of these leaks. Well the same way your air unit draws air in from your interior rooms and exterior cracks in your doors and windows the stack effect will pull air through these same places even when your unit is not running. I hope this helped you to understand a little bit more how your home works. Because our homes whether we know it or not needs to perform to its best potential to help us save money and become greener! And you can help it do that!


Windows and Doors Replacement and Installation


We specialize in window installations in Brooklyn, replacement windows NJdoor installations, storefront designs and installations, curtain walls, glass canopies, glass installations and replacement. We do offer commercial line of products from glass wall partitions to windows and curtain walls
We provide high quality installation service and products in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island and New Jersey.


New Vinyl Windows Brooklyn – Exploring the Advantages


New Vinyl Windows Brooklyn - Exploring the Advantages
New Vinyl Windows Brooklyn – Exploring the Advantages

Vinyl construction materials have been developed and improved over recent years to make them one of the most common choices of building materials for construction today. Improvements have been made in the structural strength as well as the offering of many different patterns as well as colors for the owner to choose from. One of the biggest areas of growth for vinyl construction is through the advancement of vinyl windows. There are several important factors that make vinyl windows of today a great choice for window installation new york city as well as energy conservation. These factors will save you money and make vinyl windows brooklyn a great investment for any construction project.

Vinyl Windows Brooklyn – Long Term Investment and Energy Savings

One of the biggest advantages that the vinyl windows of today will bring you is the long lasting and energy saving material that vinyl is known for. Vinyl windows brooklyn are retrofitted with insulated window panels that will cut down on heat loss and gain. These insulated panels are available to you in several different type. Some are gas filled and some of these insulated panels are fitted with low e films to help protect against ultra violet rays. You will also not have the heat loss and gain through convection that you will have with your metal frame windows such as aluminum.

Vinyl Windows Brooklyn – Durability

Vinyl will not also rot like your wooden windows will over time. Wooden windows look great but they also work loose at the joints over time causing you to maintain them by painting and caulking the windows from time to time. Vinyl windows brooklyn will not need the frequent maintenance that other types of windows require.

Vinyl Windows Brooklyn –  Custom Made and Retrofit Option

One of the great things about vinyl window construction is the contractor’s ability to fit any type and size of window or door opening that you may have. This is especially the case if you are trying to retrofit windows into an older home that will require the window openings to be measured and then a custom window made to the measurement of the openings allowing for a custom fit. This could also work well with new construction in some cases where a standard windows size will not work. After the vinyl window frame is made you can insert the insulated panel of your choice that was made to fit the vinyl window frame. Vinyl windows brooklyn can be made to fit many types of opening that require fixed window panels such as bathroom windows. These fixed window panels can be fitted with stain glass panel as well as obscured panels for your privacy.

Consult with Your Contractor

Before you decide to go with standard aluminum windows brooklyn do your research and talk to your local window contractor, SkyWindows, to see the many money saving options that vinyl windows brooklyn can provide you. You can rest assured that the money you invest in vinyl windows will be money saved for years to come. Consider vinyl windows brooklyn in any type construction project that you may have going now or planning to do in the future.

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